Girwim solutions for dynamic weighing

Girwim is a brand which comprises all possible technological solutions for dynamic weighing in traffic and industry.

Giropès SL has always invested in technological investigation and development, within the weighing sector. Girwim is the result of years and experience designing and building weighing devices and the growing of the know-how with highly qualified professionals.

Excellence and innovation

With the aim of being an integral solution for the control of overload in roads and industry, Girwim is designed with multiple possibilities which adjust to the necessities for the control on road, to ensure a correct maintenance in different industries and necessities. Giropès is a serious company, expanding itself continuously, which reflects the acceptance of our products and the confidence of our customers.

Maximum quality

In Giropès we will continue investigating for excellence and innovation, to keep giving our customers integral solutions of high quality. Our engagement, innovation and quality, within these years, have resulted in more than 300 distributors trusting Giropès to continue growing and expanding

Our philosophy

  • Experience
  • Personalization
  • Innovation
  • Quality

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