Girwim services

Giropès SL develops and invests in I+D, our own technical and engineering departments offer a high quality service to achieve the expectations of our customers. The work done and the components of the different Girwim solutions have been certified and comply with the legal and quality requirements. The quality of the engineering department and Giropès Technical Service together, with a vast net of distributors in more than 50 countries, make sure the quality of the processes from the design to the delivery of the project.
The engagement of quality of Giropès is complete applying advanced quality procedures during the design, production and the fulfillment of projects.


Calibration and testing of platforms and scales in the certified laboratory of Giropès.

Technical Service

The technical equipment of Giropès works to give an answer to your technical necessities, guide the customers during the first use of our products and resolve their doubts. We work together with more than 300 distributors in more 50 countries.

Industrial design

Girwim solutions and the products done are studied and designed in every case by a highly qualified team.


The quality of the procedures and the reliability of our products and services are guaranteed by different certifications: ISO9001, CE, OIML.

Technical support

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