Girwim has a certified system for a complete weigh in motion station for traffic control and industries.

Weigh in motion system with BPPEM axle weighing Giropès manufactured or/and PM weighing platforms is a complete turnkey solution for a weighing station needs.


  • Overload control to traffic security (Law enforcement application)
  • Monitoring and data collection to analyze the traffic weigh statistics
  • Weigh limits’ enforcement (after preselection)
  • Toll roads by weigh
  • Border cross weigh control
  • Research (post analysis of the uses of roads to be proactive to improve pavements)
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Industry application

For Mine industry, Giropès has developed a new control access system. All technology has been prepared to manage entrance and exits of these specific locations.
In the purpose of control the access of mines, Giropès BPXL series (600t max. measurable load per axle) is the solution to administrate the collect and control of extract data.