Giropès is installing in Tajikistan the new weighing control system of the GIRWIM brand in different places in a road of this Asian country.

The installation of 20 axle-weighing BPPEM which transmits data at the same moment to a data logger DYN, designed and installed by the staff from Giropès, enables the control of the weight of the vehicles which are circulating in this road. Such control also implies a bigger control of the erosion of the asphalt and rate the passing of trucks according to their weight.

Thanks to the axle weight manufactured and installed by the technicians from Giropès, the authorities from this Asian country can have a control of the weight of the vehicles which drive from the capital of the country (Duixanbe) to the second most important city in the province of Sughd (Istaravhan). Las básculas de Giropès se encuentran en los peajes de Choruck, Dehmoy, Istaravshan, Sharistan y el K39, en la carretera principal que conecta las dos ciudades, travesando una de las principales sierras del país.

At the nearest toll points to Duixanbe, there already existed some static weighing systems, but these systems forced the trucks to deviate from its initial course and they also had to stop to start the weighing control process.  Nowadays, after the installation of Giropès weigh in motion system, trucks only have to change lane when arriving to the toll point, they do not need to deviate or stop to start the weighing control process.

To cope with the temperature contrast that exits Tayikistan has been a challenge for Giropès engineers, it has been needed to create a system geared for the contraction and expansion of the asphalt, improving, in this way the installation.